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4 Core Ribbon optical fiber

DescriptionCharacteristics Applications TechnicalOptions

  •    Optical fiber ribbon manufactured by high quality fiber undergo a rigorous screening with outer diameter within 125µm, selected high quality import coloring ink and UV curing matrix material.

       PLC、AWG、FA and other optical passive and active components be exported by ribbon fiber
      Components of ribbon fiber

    1. Good mechanical and environmental characteristics;

    2. The strippability characteristics of each fiber meet the relevant standards or customer requirements;

    3. The twist characteristics of fiber ribbon meet the relevant standards and customer requirements;

    4. The characteristics of single-mode and multi-mode fiber used in fiber ribbon meet the requirements of relevant international and national standards;

    5. Full chromatogram is adopted. The color meets the requirements in GB 6995.2, and takes turns as following: blue, orange, green, brown, gray, white, red, black, yellow, violet, pink, turquoise, or other contracted color;

    6. Meet various requirements of market and clients.


    Fiber ribbon core

    Width (μm) w

    Thickness  (μm) t

    Extreme Fibers (μm) b

    Planarity (μm)  p







  • 11、for the manufacture of fiber optic cable components with indoor

    12、the device or the device for optical connection.ccccccccccccccccc